Solid Run for the BlueDevil Products Chevy in Hot Dillon

The competition was tough on Saturday as 17 Super Trucks showed up to win on the hottest day of racing this season.  The BlueDevil Products HMR Chevy was chasing a tight handling truck in first practice.

“We changed to a smaller sway bar, made several track bar adjustments and finally got the truck loosened up. unfortunately we were a little too loose in qualifying – earning an 11th place start on the grid – a far cry from our last qualifying effort in Dillon of 3rd” said Hambone

“It was tough trying to chase the setup down in the heat – we weren’t far off – Ryan was doing a good job adjusting.  We just never quite nailed it.”

Ham picked up a couple spots only to give them back on the final restart when the 99 of Kevin Parsons almost got wrecked in front of him.  ” We got lined up on the outside of the 45 when our spot should have been the inside  – We earned that pass so I’m not sure how the speedway officials missed that one – I shouldn’t have been caught behind Kevin when he bobbled.  And we couldnt come down on the 45 to get around Kevin (see video). We’ll have to do a better job of tracking our position if the track cant keep up with it. I feel good about the run but I’ll be frustrated until we can crack that top 5.  That being said we were all happy to have finished a race thereby ending our string of bum luck finishes.”  HMR would like to thank  our sponsor Michael Schrecker, and the BluDevil Products Crew. “I feel confident now we can catch a wave of solid finishes.   See you at the track!”

Or next race is next Thursday, June 12 at 530pm in Myrtle Beach. – HMR


The start of the race and the restart on lap 33 were we got held up behind the 99 truck









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