BlueDevil Products 100 Nov 17th 2012

Myrtle Beach SC, Ham Morrison started his BlueDevil Chevy 20th and finished 16th to cap a solid season of racing last week in Myrtle Beach. “We were getting out muscled on the straights and burned the truck down in the corners to make up time” says Hambone. The strategy worked for the first 50 laps or so where Ham passed 3 trucks in front of him. “we got spun mid-race and lost our power steering – then we were battling an overheat problem and a seriously tight condition.” The 74 truck lost 1.5 seconds per lap fighting a race truck that just didn’t want to turn. Ryan Hall who spotted and helped with Hammy’s set-up did a great job, “yea I set ‘em up a little on the tight side thinking it would come to us but it just didn’t. We were’t far off but it doesn’t take much in this sport.”

In front of the over 3,500 fans, sponsor BlueDevil Products was well represented passing out hats and engaging the the competitors, crews and fans. Team HMR would like to thank its Primary Sponsor, BlueDevil Products ( and associate sponsors, Highsmith Insurance and Hughes Lumber. Special Thank you also to Patrick of NESKA Productions for the pictures and Video. – HMR



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