Upcoming Race :: Blue Devil 100 @ Myrtle Beach Speedway

Ham Morrison Racing is excited to race in the upcoming Blue Devil 100 on November 17 at Myrtle Beach Speedway.  With a seating capacity of 12,000 attendees this race is sure to thrill fans of all ages. Ham Morrison will be racing on behalf of Blue Devil Products.  “This sponsorship.. and show of support from Blue Devil Products is a great fit for the Ham Morrison Racing team,” says Chief Pitmaster Tom Lennon.   Blue Devil Products is responsible for the sealants in the #74 car and for cars all over America as well.

“This is the last race of the season with one of our biggest sponsors on board as well,” exclaims Ham Morrison. “We will will be racing all out.”

About Blue Devil Products

BlueDevil Products manufactures quality sealants for the automotive aftermarket industry. Our company currently supplies over 400 distribution centers across the country. These distribution points service over 60,000 jobbers.

These statistics are constantly growing because of the unique marketing program we offer, the strength of our products, and our devotion to first class customer service.

About Myrtle Beach Speedway

Recently purchased and newly renovated, Myrtle Beach Speedway (originally named Rambi Raceway) was first built in 1958. Ever since its inception the racetrack has become the training grounds for some of NASCAR's biggest stars including names like Dale Earnhardt Jr. Four generations of Pettys and Three generations of Earnhardts have all taken a green flag at the Myrtle Beach Speedway. Myrtle Beach Speedway is hands down the best value for the entertainment dollar in town. No where else on the Grand Strand can you watch live racing action and see the future stars of NASCAR.

Track: Myrtle Beach Speedway
Location: 455 Hospitality Lane, Myrtle Beach, SC
Information: 0.538 mile – Semi banked Oval (seating capacity of 12,000 plus)
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