HMR Video :: Myrtle Beach 2011

Ham Morrison racing survives 4 wrecks at Mrytle Beach speedway and entertains the crowd in the Bustaride. Special thanks to Hubee D’s for sponsoring the truck and feeding the crew! What a RACE.

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  1. Will Morrison
    Will Morrison says:

    Hey, Hambone..

    Your ‘Ol Man’ told me to email your “sorry ass!” I am a man of modest means, but want to support you on a limited basis… Let me know what it costs to fill up your gas tank… ONCE; and I’ll send you a check. 😉

    When’s your biggest race of the 2012 Season? I got your “Ol Man” to agree to come watch.

    Good luck, Stay well, and fasten your phuckin’ seat belt!!!

    Cousin Will


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