Press Release | 2013 Pee Dee Coastal Truck Series Race Season

BlueDevil Products and Ham Morrison Racing Unite For
2013 Pee Dee Coastal Truck Series Race Season

It’s official! BlueDevil Products and Ham Morrison Racing have joined forces. With BlueDevil Products now Ham Morrison Racing’s Primary Sponsor it is sure to be a successful 2013 race season.

“We are of course very excited about this partnership” says Ham Morrison Driver of the #74 BlueDevil Products Chevy, “The timing was perfect for both sides of this agreement. Michael Schrecker, head marketing executive for BlueDevil Products, has just re-branded their website and product labels, as well as has shifted towards a more engaging approach towards their customers. If you go to their website ( you will see what I am talking about – It’s very impressive.” Schrecker has also launched a Facebook “like” Campaign. So if you go to the BlueDevil Products fan page and make a comment and request a free hat – they will send you one! BlueDevil Products is a national company that is growing up on into Canada. They guarantee their product promising your money back if it doesn’t work.

HMR strung together a number of 1 and 2 race deals to help fund the 2012 season. Now with BlueDevil Products on board for the 2013 season HMR can focus more on their race truck and competition and less on securing marketing partners and the activation that goes with it. HMR will compete in the 2013 Pee Dee Coastal Super Truck Series.

BlueDevil Products is an engine stop leak Company (gas or diesel engines) based in Baltimore with a branch office in Charleston, SC. Their products include: Radiator stop leak, power steering stop leak, oil stop leak, Head Gasket Sealer, Radiator flush, AC stop Leak. Permanent repair Guaranteed.

The BlueDevil Products HMR Chevy will be hosting a customer appreciation day at the Advance Auto Parts in Dillon (Hwy 301 North) this Friday, April 5 from 11am-1pm. Everyone is welcome to come by for a free lunch and a chance to win tickets to the next race and other gear.

First race is Saturday, 6:30pm at the Dillon , SC Motor Speedway. For more information and for the latest updates throughout the season please visit,

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